Mandatory Return of In-Person Classes in São Paulo Reinforces Disparities between Public and Private Institutions

Private institutions explore outdoor areas, while state institutions maintain a traditional format, inside the rooms

The mandatory return to classroom classes in São Paulo on Monday (18) exposed yet another face of the disparity in education in the state. For private school students, the return brought the opportunity to stimulate a new form of teaching, with activities in outdoor areas and freedom for students to learn outside the classroom. In public ones, however, classes continue in the same model, with students lined up at desks.

According to data from the state education department itself, only 24% of state schools manage to serve students simultaneously with the rule of distance of one meter. There is no specific data on the footage of outdoor areas in the country's school units, but, according to the 2020 School Census, 35% of the state units in São Paulo do not even have a sports court.

Translated by Kiratiana Freelon

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