Doctor Who Died after Taking Hydroxychloroquine in BA Received Prescription from State Hospital

Secretariat of Health said the professional had self-medicated


Doctor Gilmar Calazans Lima took hydroxychloroquine and azithramycin after being prescribed by a doctor at the Regional Hospital Costa do Cacau, managed by the government of Bahia. This is contrary to what was reported Tuesday morning (21) by the Bahia Department of Health.

Folha had access to the prescription, signed by doctor Rafael Klecius Reis Araújo, from the Costa do Cacau Hospital, this Tuesday afternoon.

The Secretary of Health confirmed the veracity of the prescription, but said the doctor who signed it acted outside the protocol determined by the Secretary of Health, which foresees the use of drugs in the case of Covid-19 exclusively for hospitalized patients.

Gilmar Calazans Lima recorded the first symptoms of Covid-19 on April 10, when he started to have headaches. Last Thursday (16), he was admitted to the regional hospital Costa do Cacau, in Ilhéus, where he was an employee.

Gilmar Calasans Lima - Reprodução

As he was having mild symptoms, the doctor had material collected for testing, was released and guided, and quarantined at home. The test result, positive for the new coronavirus, came out on Saturday (18).

The doctor started using a combination of hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin. He had been showing clinical improvement in the past few days. Symptoms such as fever and shortness of breath had already been controlled.

In the early hours of Monday (20), however, he had a sudden illness and was rushed to the hospital, where he entered with a cardiac arrest. The doctor underwent resuscitation maneuvers for about 45 minutes, but his heart rate did not stabilize, and he died.

Translated by Kiratiana Freelon

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