Storms Cause Four Deaths and Destruction in Southern Brazil

Formation of 'bomb cyclone' associated with cold front caused damage


Windstorms and storms recorded this Tuesday (30th) in the south of Brazil caused deaths in Santa Catarina, and Rio Grande do Sul and left a trail of destruction in the three states of the region, with falls from trees, unhealthy houses, lack of energy and road blocking.

The Civil Defense of Santa Catarina confirmed at least three deaths. A 78-year-old woman from Chapecó, in the west, was hit by a tree. A man from Santo Amaro da Imperatriz, the metropolitan area of Florianópolis, was hit by high voltage wires. In Tijucas, on the Santa Catarina coast, a death was caused by a fall in structure. One person is missing.

Chapecó. Credito:Prefeitura de Chapeco - Prefeitura de Chapeco

In Nova Prata, in the Serra Gaúcha, a death by burial was recorded in the morning due to a landslide caused by the large volume of rain. The region is one of the hardest hit in the state with showers and winds caused by a cold front associated with an extratropical cyclone, called a "bomb cyclone."

According to the state meteorological service, the storms were also caused by the passage of a cold front associated with the extratropical cyclone on the coast of Rio Grande do Sul. Civil defense bulletin of 15h indicates that the winds reached 120 km / h in the mountain range of Santa Catarina.

Translated by Kiratiana Freelon

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