Northern States Face Low Oxygen Supplies and Request Return of Federal Funds to ICUs

Roraima, Rondônia and Amapá, in addition to Amazonas, describe increased demand for gas and lack of specialized labor


Northern states in Brazil are facing a reduction in the federal budget for Covid-19 ICU beds dedicated to Covid-19 at the same time they are facing an increased number of Covid-19 cases. At the end of the year, Covid-19 ICU beds in the Legal Amazon (which also includes Mato Grosso and Maranhãh) number 12,000, but this month they have dropped to 3,000.

Local managers also face a lack of medical specialists and difficulties in supplying oxygen —Amazonas, Roraima, Rondônia and Amapá have already reported the problem to the federal government. The logic is that the fewer beds paid for by the Union, the lower the condition of providing care and even receiving help from other states.

A closed survey on Sunday (7) points out that 570 patients have been transferred from Manaus to 19 cities in other states since the collapse last month. Of these, 282 are still hospitalized in state networks and federal university hospitals. Rondônia is also already transferring patients who are in a more serious condition or are already in ICU care.

Translated by Kiratiana Freelon

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