Barroso Demands Answers from Government about Vaccination Passport at Airports

Supreme Court Justice gives 48 hours for the Executive to explain why it does not require proof from those arriving in Brazil by air


Supreme Court Justice Luís Roberto Barroso gave the federal government 48 hours to explain why proof of vaccination is not required for people arriving in Brazil by air.

The magistrate mentioned a request by the National Health Surveillance Agency in this regard and cited the Executive's inertia in updating the ordinance that deals with entry into the country.

Barroso's order came in the lawsuit in which the Rede Sustentabilidade party asked the court to force the Planalto to adopt the measures recommended by the regulatory agency for entry into Brazil.

Now, the Ministries of Civil House, Justice, Health and Infrastructure will have to justify to the Supreme Court the measures they have been adopting to prevent the entry of new Covid cases in the country.

Currently, you only need a negative test for the disease and the signing of a declaration that you are in accordance with the sanitary measures established by the local authorities to enter Brazil.

Translated by Kiratiana Freelon

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