Covid Diagnosis in Children Soars in São Paulo Hospitals

Parents are taking advantage of medical appointments to ask questions about vaccination

São Paulo

Since the beginning of the year, the positive diagnosis rate for Covid has skyrocketed in children's hospitals in São Paulo, while the flu flu rate has been falling. Hospitalizations also show an upward trend, but at a much slower pace.

Many parents are taking advantage of the trip to hospitals or virtual consultations with pediatricians to clarify doubts about vaccination. In São Paulo, the city government plans to start vaccinating 11-year-olds on Monday (17).

In the three public children's hospitals in São Paulo (Menino Jesus, Darcy Vargas and Cândido Fontoura), the increase in hospitalizations for severe acute respiratory syndrome in the last week was 8% (from 37 to 40 hospitalized), but, the total number of children hospitalized today is 82% higher than in July, according to an analysis by Info Tracker, a project by Unesp and USP that monitors data from the pandemic.

In the São Camilo Hospital Network, there were 993 pediatric consultations for respiratory symptoms in the first ten days of the year. In the period, 39 children diagnosed with Covid were hospitalized.

At Hospital Sírio-Libanês, the positivity rate in Covid exams in children is 36%. A week ago it was at 21.4% and in December it was at 7%.

Translated by Kiratiana Freelon

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