Omicron Fills Urgent Care Centers in São Paulo and Lacks Medical Teams

There is a lack of Covid tests; hospitals and pharmacies have suspended tests

São Paulo

The advance of the ômicron variant, combined with the influenza epidemic, has overcrowded urgent care centers in São Paulo and led to the removal of around 1,600 employees from the municipal network, an increase of 111% compared to the beginning of December.

Doctors who work in public health care centers in São Paulo have demanded the replacement of professionals with Covid and payment of overtime in the face of the work overload.

The doctors will meet this Thursday (13) to decide whether to go on strike.

The Municipal Health Department reported that it has already obtained authorization from the city hall to hire more doctors and nursing teams and that it will pay extra to those who have worked on Saturdays for the Social Health Organizations.

With the surge in cases, the Brazilian Association of Diagnostic Medicine has recommended testing only in patients with severe symptoms.

Hospital and pharmacy chains have already suspended testing due to shortages.

Translated by Kiratiana Freelon

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