Davos: Minister Reinforces Brazil's Commitment to Zero Deforestation

Marina Silva, minister of the Environment, was applauded during the panel and held a meeting with the president of the Inter-American Development Bank


The Minister of the Environment and Climate Change, Marina Silva (Rede), was applauded at the opening panel of the Open Forum in Davos this Monday (16th) when she declared that the third Lula government is committed to "zero deforestation, protection of indigenous peoples, democracy and sustainability".

Davos, 16.01.2023 Marina Silva, minister of the Environment Foto: Boris Baldinger/ World Economic Forum ORG XMIT: BB193053 - World Economic Forum / Boris Bal

"There are great expectations regarding Brazil, which has always contributed to important sustainability agendas. Unfortunately, in the last four years, we have become pariahs", said the Brazilian minister in the panel entitled "In Harmony with Nature", which she shared with personalities such as Hindou Oumarou Ibrahim, president of the Association of Women and Indigenous Peoples of Chad.

The minister guaranteed that "sustainability will not be a sectoral policy, but a transversal one, covering energy, industry, mobility policies, across all sectors". "That's what will make the difference: acting in all dimensions. But this is not magic, nor does it happen overnight", she added.

Before taking the stage, Marina had a bilateral meeting with Ilan Goldfajn, president of the BID (Inter-American Development Bank). She left the meeting excited about the investment possibilities. "There is a very large opening for cooperation with Brazil at this time when there is a resumption of Brazilian protagonism in the global environmental agenda", she said.

"Obviously, partners are emerging. Whether it's in relation to multilateral funding agencies, whether it's governments, whether it's philanthropy or through partnerships in the field of technological innovation."

Translated by Cassy Dias

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