Rio Negro Reaches Its Lowest Level in 120 Years of Measurement in Manaus

National Institute of Amazonian Research predicts worsening of the situation in the region


The Rio Negro reached its lowest level on Monday (16) in 120 years of measurement in Manaus (Amazonas). The record breaks the negative record of 2010 and confirms the drought of 2023 as the most severe in recent times in this part of the Brazilian Amazon.

MANAUS, AM. 15/10/2023.Boats and Floating Houses Stranded at Davi Marina in Manaus ( Foto: Lalo de Almeida/ Folhapress )

Measurement data from the Port of Manaus, taken into account in analyzes and studies by Inpa (National Institute of Amazonian Research), show that the river level on Monday was 13.59 m. On October 24, 2010, it was 13.63 m, the worst measurement recorded until then. "The river is expected to go down even further," says Renato Senna, climatologist and researcher at Inpa.

"Based on historical data, major droughts have extended through the end of October and the beginning of November." The historic drought has transformed the landscapes and the lives of people who depend on the river in the capital of Amazonas, resulting in a scene of desolation.

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