Pedro Barros Views The Silver Medal as A 'Souvenir' and Celebrates Skateboarding's Message at The Olympics

For the world reference in park and an Olympic medalist, the object of the conquest is a detail


When skateboarding was added to the Tokyo Olympic roster in 2016, Pedro Barros, 26, already had an incredible resume. The Olympics could increase the popularity of the sport. Still, it was possible to jeopardize its cultural elements, such as its transgressive roots and the camaraderie among its practitioners.

Pedro's decision to represent skateboarding in Japan strengthened the movement and reduced doubts.

Tokyo 2020 Olympics - Skateboarding - Men's Park - Medal Ceremony - Ariake Urban Sports Park - Tokyo, Japan - August 5, 2021. Silver medallist Pedro Barros of Brazil holds his medal REUTERS/Mike Blake - REUTERS

“This medal was simply a detail, a souvenir. This experience that we brought to life is much bigger and much better than any material object,” he said.

Barros won the silver in the park modality competition in skateboarding on Thursday (5), when the Australian Keegan Palmer surpassed Pedro. “We had the opportunity to take the sport to one of the biggest platforms in the world and share a wonderful message. That, for me, is bigger than any title I've won, much bigger than anything I've done in my life,” he said.

Translated by Kiratiana Freelon

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