Violence in Football Escalates in Brazil

Dead fan and attacked players mark recent period in the country

Brazilian football has seen an escalation of cases of violence. There have been a series of violent episodes related to football, since February 12, when motorcycle courier and Palmeiras fan Dante Luiz Oliveira, 40, was shot dead in the vicinity of Allianz Parque after Palmeiras' defeat in the Club World Cup final.

On the 24th, the bus carrying Bahia players to the duel with Sampaio Corrêa, for the Northeast Cup, was attacked with a bomb near Fonte Nova.

On the same date, fans of the Náutico attacked a van transporting players after they landed at Recife airport.

Two days later, three cases of violence occurred in state championship games across Brazil.

In Paranaense, the defeat of Paraná Clube by 3 to 1 to União Beltrão resulted in the relegation of the Paranistas to the second division, which provoked the ire of the fans. Many invaded the lawn and exchanged aggressions with team athletes.

Later, Grêmio was heading to the Beira-Rio stadium, in Porto Alegre, for the classic against Internacional, when the vehicle was stoned. The match has been suspended.

Also on the 26th, Cascavel had its bus stoned outside the Willie Davids stadium, in Maringá.

In addition to the episodes involving players and team employees, the last month also recorded consecutive cases of fights between fans.

Translated by Kiratiana Freelon

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