Photo Expedition Reveals Isolated Village in Marajó Island


Tourists are starting to discover a heaven in the Amazon. It's a small fishermen's village called Céu (Portuguese for heaven) in Soure, Marajó Island (AM). Céu's 198 residents began to receive visitors after one of them crossed paths with a tour of photographers.

Crédito: Karime Xavier / Folhapress Céu, a small fishermen's village
Céu, a small fishermen's village

The group planned to go to Marajó, a delta island in the Amazon, to photograph the island. But during the ferry crossing, they ran into teacher's aide Patricia Lima, 40, who invited them to her community.

"At beginning, I didn't make much of it, but since we were already in the Island, we might as well go to the village, and we did. Everybody was stunned," said photographer Raimundo Paccó, 51, who since that first trip in 2014, has organized another six outings to Céu.

Crédito: Karime Xavier / Folhapress Céu beach
Céu beach

The latest tour in early June had Karime Xavier make a photographic record of the village's 50th anniversary. Céu was formed in a lot offered by the town of Soure, after many fishermen's houses in the area where destroyed by the tide.

The celebration's main attraction is Areia Branca, a local version of bumba-meu-boi - a popular Brazilian folkloric festival, especially in the northern part of the country. In Céu, the play involves most of the village's population, who dance, put on costumes and play out the characters.

The tradition almost fell into oblivion, but was recovered in 2009.

Translated by NATASHA MADOV

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