The FBI Collaborates in the Investigations Regarding the Jewelry Received by Bolsonaro

Federal Police Made an International Cooperation Request, and the American Government AcceptedThe Brazilian Federal Police requested international cooperation, and the U.S. government accepted


The FBI, the federal police agency of the United States, has begun collaborating with Brazilian authorities' investigations into the scheme involving the sale of jewelry and other luxury items received as gifts by former President Jair Bolsonaro (PL).

The former President Jair Bolsonaro (PL). - Getty Images

The Brazilian Federal Police had requested international cooperation from American authorities, which was accepted by the United States government. With the FBI's cooperation, the Brazilian Federal Police, which is investigating the case in Brazil, aims to gather more details about the jewelry negotiations carried out in the United States by Bolsonaro and his associates, such as former aide Mauro Cid and his father, General Mauro Lourena Cid. According to Folha's findings, the FBI is already cooperating with the investigations.

Investigators intend, among other points, to trace the entire money trail from the negotiations to determine who benefited from the illegal sale of the jewelry. Both the Cid family and Bolsonaro have accounts in banks in the United States that might have been used in the transactions, according to individuals familiar with the investigations who were interviewed by Folha. Furthermore, the store and auction house where the jewelry was traded are located in the United States. In this case, the goal is to identify who approached these stores and to whom they transferred the proceeds from the sales.

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