US Wants Partnership with Brazil for Critical Minerals, says American Ambassador

Supplies are a central issue of the cold war with China; Elizabeth Bagley says Lula should be leader of the Global South

São Paulo

The United States will announce an integration of supply chains in critical minerals from Brazil and in energy transition, according to the American ambassador to the country, Elizabeth Bagley. Critical minerals are those essential for high-tech equipment, such as niobium, graphite (graphene), nickel, and rare earths.

"We will have a big announcement at the G20, at the leaders' summit in November, about critical minerals, infrastructure, and supply chain. Minister Haddad and Secretary Yellen are negotiating."

Sao Paulo, SP, BRASIL, 10-05-2024: Elizabeth Bagley, American ambassador (Foto: Eduardo Knapp/Folhapress, MUNDO) - Folhapress

The announcement, planned to coincide with Brazil's presidency in the G20, is expected to generate tensions with China, which is engaged in a technological cold war with the US and is vying with Washington for the supply of these minerals.

In the year that marks the bicentennial of bilateral relations between Brazil and the US, the ambassador highlights the role of President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT) in regional diplomacy, with pressures for dictator Nicolás Maduro to ensure a fair election in Venezuela, and globally - as a leader of the so-called Global South.

"[Lula] has to criticize because he has more power over Maduro than anyone else. Guyana is also a problem, and he has been very good on this issue, very assertive against the [threat of Venezuelan invasion in Essequibo]. We are working together on these issues," she says.

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