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American Website Exposes Gay Athletes at Olympics and Receives Social Media Backlash

In an article published by the American website "Daily Beast", a journalist who used dating apps in the Olympic Village to pull a string of athletes "out of the closet" has received serious backlash from the online community.

While names were omitted, Nico Hines's report shared details, such as weight, height, language and nationality, which would allow you to identify the athletes.

Many of them are not open about their sexuality come from countries where homosexuality is still considered a crime.

Less than an hour after its publication last Thursday (11), the article was edited to remove the incriminating details.

Later, in an "unprecedented measure", the site removed the report and issued an apology. "We made a mistake. And we are sorry", read the note from "Daily Beast" editor in chief John Avion.

But, the damage was done. Hines' article triggered strong reactions from other news sources.

The British paper "The Guardian" and the American "The New York Times" called attention to the incident and Mark Joseph Stern, from "Slate", called the case "wildly unethical".

On social media, there was no shortage of tweets and comments condemning the site and the behavior of the journalist, who identifies as heterosexual and is married with one son.

He says he presented himself as a journalist on the apps whenever the question came up, especially on Grindr, an app directed at gay men. However, he admits he set up a trap by arranging to meet with some of the athletes.

According to the site "OutSports", only 48 out of the 10,500 that will compete during Rio 2016 are openly gay - while this is only a small fraction of the group, it represents the highest number of LGBT athletes ever reported at an Olympics, according to the television network CNN.

Rafaela Silva, the Brazilian judoka who won the gold medal, only discussed her sexuality after her victory.

Another Brazilian, Rugby player Isadora Cerullo, proposed to her girlfriend after a competition during the Olympics. Before the Games officially began, a male couple exchanged a kiss during the Olympic torch relay.

Translated by SUGHEY RAMIREZ

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