Olimpiada Rio 2016

Legacy of Rio 2016 Still Very Much Up in the Air

There is no shortage of doubts about the legacy of the Rio Olympics, which came to a close this Sunday (21).

One of these is the fate of the Olympic arenas, whose financial futures still hang in the balance.

Elsewhere, Rio natives are also asking what will happen to the brand new transport system, which was only planned as a temporary solution for the games' duration.

Rio's council has outlined some propositions concerning the Olympic stadiums; but the specifics of how these will be funded and administrated have not been detailed.

The council stated that it would once again postpone decisions which have to be made relating to management of the Olympic Park. The date for the handing in of proposals was set for this Friday (26).

The Arena do Futuro, where the handball took place, and the Olympic Aquatic Stadium, will be taken down. The Carioca 3 Stadium will be converted into a municipal school, which will still retain some spaces for training and events.

Rio's new transport system will be evaluated over the next few months, with a view to opening it up to citizens by the end of September.

With the State's financial crisis still a looming presence over the city, plans to complete bus lanes and integrate these into the new metro system look dangerously threatened.

It is also not clear how the payment system will work for these modes of transport. Currently, the different levels of government have briefly discussed this amongst themselves, but only put forward a bare-bones sketch what is in store.


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