Olimpiada Rio 2016

95% of Total Tickets Sold for Rio 2016

Folha gained access to the latest financial records from the Rio Olympics Committee. It's good news. Only 350,711 Olympic tickets, out of a total 6.5 million, were not sold, a 94.6% success rate.

Before the Games, the committee could only boast sales of 80%, and people were beginning to wonder about the popularity of the Rio Olympics. But once the action was in full swing, daily sales rose to 100,000 tickets per day.

The funds raised, also according to the organisation's balance sheets, was R$1,234 billion (US$ 381 billion).

In London 2012, 263,000 tickets of the 8.2 million total tickets remained unsold: sales of 97%.

According to the Rio 2016 committee, 11% of bought tickets were not actually used. In other words, ticket owners did not go the Olympic Park; or, they went to the park, but did not go in to stadiums for the events for which they held tickets.

This Tuesday (23), the council disclosed important tourist information about the Rio Games. It seems tourists spent R$4.1 billion (US$ 1.2 billion) throughout the 17 days of the competition.

The city received 1.17 million visitors during this period. Of this total, 410,000 were foreign, the majority North Americans (17%), Argentines (12%) and Germans (7%). On average, each foreign tourist spent R$424.62 (US$ 131.18) daily.

Brazilians made up the bulk of the Olympic visitors, with 760,000 tourists in total, who spent, on average R$310.42 (US$ 95.9) daily.

According to the APO (Public Olympic Authority) as well as the Olympics Committee, the overall cost of the event was R$40.1 billion (US$ 12.3 billion). The data of the two organisations shows that more than half (R$ 23 billion; US$ 7.1 billion) of the money spent on the Olympics come from private sources.


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