Brazilian Minister of Health Sues Deputy Minister of Finance

Gilbert Occhi wants to block an investigation on his actions when he worked in a Brazilian federal bank; Silvia Vescovi authorized investigations

Fábio Fabrini

Brazil's minister of Health Gilberto Occhi is suing Caixa, a bank owned by the federal government, and the deputy minister of Finance, Ana Paula Vescovi.

Occhi is trying to block an investigation on his involvement with illicit transactions while he worked in the bank. He claims Vescovi's actions during the investigation are inflicting moral damages on him.

Health Minister Gilberto Occhi - REUTERS

Occhi's political party, PP, nominated him for a top management position in the bank, but he had to leave after he became a suspect in an embezzlement scheme. President Michel Temer allowed him to move on as Minister of Health.

Lúcio Bolonha Funharo, a currency who entered a plea deal during Operation Car Wash, said Occhi had a "kickback goal" to meet when during his time at Caixa. Occhi denies the allegations.

Independent investigations commissioned by the bank show that Occhi favored his son, his stepson and a friend in concessions to open lottery stores (which in Brazil are managed by Caixa), and later, the stores' move to Alagoas.

Deputy Minister of Finance Ana Paula Vescovi - Folhapress

The contracts were granted to them while Occhi worked a superintendent for the Northeastern Region. Folha reported the story last May.

Occhi opened two civil lawsuits in a federal court in Brasília. They target Vescovi because, as Caixa's board member and seeing evidence of criminal activity and embezzlement, she authorized the investigations and its conclusion to federal agencies such as Brazil's federal comptroller.

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