Court Releases Vale Employees And Engineers Arrested For Dam Collapse

They were directly responsible for the mine's maintenance and have been detained since last week

Paulo Gomes Thiago Amâncio
São Paulo

The High Court of Justice (STJ) released from jail on Tuesday (5th) a group of Vale employees and engineers who were detained four days after the Brumadinho dam collapse.

The interim decision released engineers Jum Yassuda and Makoto Namba, both employed by Tüv Süd, and Vale employees Rodrigo Artur Gomes de Melo, operational manager, Ricardo de Oliveira, environmental manager, and César Augusto Paulino Grandchamp, geologist.

Tüv Süd was contracted by Vale to evaluate the collapsed dam's stability in 2017 and 2018.

The latest appraisal, signed by Makoto Namba, stated that the dam's structure was stable, but pointed out many issues that need to be addressed, as Folha reported on Monday (4th).

The document mentions erosion spots on the dam's sides, signs of leakage, silting in drain ducts and damage to the pipes at the draining system exits, among other problems that needed to be corrected by Vale to guarantee the mine's safety.

Translated by NATASHA MADOV

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