Majority of Brazilians Think International Concern about The Amazon Is Legitimate

More than 50% think Bolsonaro's performance in the environmental crisis was bad

Igor Gielow

For 75% of Brazilians, the international interest in the Amazon is valid, and the forest is at risk. The survey also showed that 51 percent of Brazilians think that Jair Bolsonaro's management of the deforestation and burning is bad or very bad.

The data comes from the Datafolha survey, which included 2,878 people in 175 cities Thursday (29) and Friday (30), a week after the crisis that pitted Brazil against other countries--Emmanuel Macron's France in particular.

Manaus: Amazon burning Foto: Márcio Melo /Folhapress

In the confrontation with Bolsonaro, the Frenchman is seen as more prepared to deal with the problem (41% to 36%), more concerned with the Amazon (44% to 30%) and more balanced in forwarding solutions (44% to 32%).

The president's aggressiveness in dealing with the crisis could make Brazil lose investments, according to 69%.

Another 66% say that the country should accept foreign money for the region.

Translated by Kiratiana Freelon

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