Supreme Court Judge Toffoli Says There Is No Democracy without An Active Parliament

In a note, the STF president stated that the country cannot live with a permanent climate of dispute


The president of the STF (Supreme Federal Court), Minister Dias Toffoli, said in a statement on Wednesday (26) that there is no democracy without an active Parliament and an independent Judiciary, and that Brazil cannot live in a climate of permanent dispute.

“Free and developed societies have never been without solid institutions to maintain their integrity. There is no democracy without an active Parliament, an independent Judiciary, and an Executive already legitimized by the vote. Brazil cannot live with a climate of permanent dispute. It takes peace to build the future. Harmonious coexistence between all is what builds a great nation, ”he said in a note.

Dias Toffoli. Foto: Marcelo Camargo/Agência Brasil

As reported on Tuesday (25), President Jair Bolsonaro  sent his contacts a WhatsApp video that calls on the population to take to the streets on March 15, when a pro-government and anti-Congress protest is scheduled.

After receiving negative reactions to the video, Bolsonaro wrote on Twitter this Wednesday that the interpretations about the sharing of the video are “creeping attempts to disrupt the Republic.” He did not deny that he forwarded the video to his contacts. 

Translated by Kiratiana Freelon

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