Majority of Brazilians Are Afraid of Coronavirus and Support Containment Measures, Says Datafolha

In research, 73% approve quarantine; the young and richer are among those who have stopped working

São Paulo

With movement limited and establishments closed, the arrival of the novel coronavirus pandemic is scaring Brazilians and changing daily life.

Still, the majority of those interviewed by telephone by Datafolha in the past week say they agree with this more severe action.

Official decisions to try to contain the virus are highly accepted: 92% agree with the suspension of classes, 94% approve the ban on international travel, and 91% are in favor of stopping football.

In research, 73% approve quarantine (Foto: Eduardo Knapp/Folhapress, COTIDIANO). - Folhapress

The suspension of religious celebrations is suitable for 82% of respondents.

The closing of the trade divides opinions: 46% are for and 33% against - the survey was carried out before the quarantine announcement in the state of São Paulo.

Virtually all respondents (99%) say they know about the virus and the disease, with 72% considering themselves well informed.

Three quarters (74%) responded that they are afraid of being infected.

About 37% have stopped working, 55% have stopped going to school, 55%, and 46% have stopped going out.

Translated by Kiratiana Freelon

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