Supreme Court President Demands a Truce between Powers in Brazil

Justice Dias Toffoli also praised Congress' efforts to avoid crises

The Supreme Court President, Justice Dias Toffoli, said on Monday (8) that President Jair Bolsonaro's actions and his government have "brought doubts that impact and frighten not only Brazilian society but also the international community.

Toffoli stressed that it is necessary to establish a "truce between the branches of the government" to face the new coronavirus pandemic properly. And he warned, in a statement directed "directly and in particular" to the Chief Executive, that "dubious attitudes are no longer possible".

Toffoli gave the speech at a videoconference event where associations of magistrates, members of the Federal Police and the Public Ministry and civil society entities delivered a manifesto of support to the Supreme Court and the Judiciary.

Justice Dias Toffoli. Foto: Fellipe Sampaio / STF

The text is considered a demonstration of the STF's strength amid friction with Bolsonaro. In it, the entities affirm that the attacks on Justice threaten the country's democratic values, in addition to emphasizing that freedom of expression "does not encompass hate speech and the apology for authoritarianism, dictatorship and totalitarian ideologies that have already been defeated in the past."

Toffoli also praised the initiative of communication vehicles to come together to compile data on the novel coronavirus in Brazil.

The magistrate also praised Congress' efforts to avoid crises and adopt the necessary measures to combat Covid-19. And he said that it is a time of "dialogue, instead of confrontation, of public reason in place of extreme passions."

Translated by Kiratiana Freelon

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