McPicanha without Picanha? Ministry of Justice Notifies McDonald's in Brazil

Procon suspends sale of snacks in DF; McDonald's says it regrets that 'the communication created about the new products may have generated doubts'

The Ministry of Justice notified this Thursday (28) McDonald's after the fast-food chain publicly confirmed that the snacks of its newly launched "Novos McPicanha" line are not made with picanha, but with a flavored sauce. The information generated complaints from consumers on social media. The Ministry of Justice has given ten days for the company to send clarifications about possible misleading advertising, says in a note to National Consumer Secretariat, linked to the ministry.

McPicanha, do McDonald's
McPicanha - Divulgação/McDonald's

The secretariat also claims to have requested clarification from the National Council for Advertising Self-Regulation — in this case, to find out if other entities were aware of the possibility of false advertising. If the lack of transparency with the consumer is proven, there is the possibility of apprehension, suspension, and prohibition of the product, fine, or even the revocation of the establishment's license.

According to McDonald's, the launch "Novos McPicanha" is named to "provide a new experience to the consumer, by offering unprecedented sandwiches developed with a more accentuated barbecue flavor." "The brand regrets that the communication created about the new products may have generated doubts and informs that new pieces, highlighting the composition of the sandwiches more clearly, are already being produced," says the fast-fo od chain, in a note.

Translated by Kiratiana Freelon

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