Oil Damage along Brazil's Northeast Coast Is Unprecedented, Says Navy

Investigations into the origin of the oil involves spot and maritime traffic analysis

Nicola Pamplona
Rio de Janeiro

Brazil's Navy said on Tuesday (8) that it has five ships and an aircraft patrolling the northeastern region to find the cause of the oil spill. The effort involves 1,583 people as well as state port vessels and vehicles.

The Navy is investigating the possibility of a shipwreck or oil spill. There is also the remote the possibility of an underground oil leak or tank washing in ships, given the volume of oil collected in the affected beaches.

The Federal Police is working in the criminal area, and the Brazilian Institute of Environment and Renewable Natural Resources (Ibama) is coordinating the collection of oil sludge.

A barrel of petroleum on a beach in Barra dos Coqueiros, in Sergipe - Governo do Sergipe

The first reports of oil appeared on September 2, but the origin continues to be a mystery. According to Ibama, 132 locations in nine states have already been affected by oil. In its latest newsletter, the institute counts ten animals killed by contact with the oil.

According to the Navy, investigations include inspections along the coast, naval patrol in the most recently polluted areas, and merchant traffic analysis with the monitoring of ships passing through Brazilian jurisdictional waters.

Translated by Kiratiana Freelon

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