Instagram Classifies Bolsonaro's Coronavirus Post as Fake News and Hides It

Post shared incorrect number of deaths caused by respiratory diseases in Ceará

Instagram "hid" a coronavirus-related publication that President Jair Bolsonaro shared on Monday--classifying it as fake news.

The post, shared in the stories function, said that there were fewer deaths caused by respiratory diseases in Ceará between March 16 and May 10 this year than in the same period of 2019. The president even wrote that there was "something very strange in the air. "

Instagram classifies Bolsonaro's coronavirus post as fake news and hides it - Reprodução/Instagram

Agência Lupa analyzed the information and found it to be false. "In addition to being outdated, the figures cited in the post mistakenly include deaths from other causes, which have nothing to do with breathing problems," Agência Lupa said.

Although Instagram "hid" the post, one can still see it. The user is immediately alerted to "false information."

With the signature of state deputy André Fernandes (without a party), the post shared by Bolsonaro said that the data came from the Civil Registry Transparency Portal.

After the update made at midnight Monday, data from the Civil Registry Transparency Portal showed, according to Agência Lupa, 2,808 deaths from respiratory diseases in Ceará in the period mentioned in 2019, against 3,217 in 2020. That is, there was an increase of at least 409 cases, an increase of 14.5%.

When sought, the Planalto Palace said it does not comment on the case.

Translated by Kiratiana Freelon

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