Brazil Registers 3,950 Deaths in 24 Hours and Breaks Records

For the 6th consecutive day, the average number of deaths was the highest on record, now reaching 2,971

São Paulo

On yet another tragic day of the uncontrolled pandemic in Brazil, 3,950 Covid deaths were recorded, a record number. The seven-day moving average also increased for the sixth consecutive day to 2,971 deaths per day. The month of March was also an absolute record in the pandemic, with 66,868 Covid-19 deaths, more than double the 2nd month with the most deaths, July 2020 (32,912 deaths).

On July 7, 2020, 112 days after the country's first deaths, Brazil reached 66,868 deaths from the novel coronavirus --the same number recorded in the 31 days of March 2021.

The list of months with the most deaths includes February 2021, with 30,484 deaths, June 2020, with 30,315, and January this year, with 29,558 lives claimed.

Translated by Kiratiana Freelon

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