Covid Cases Stabilize in Brazil, but Number Remains among Highest in The World

Researchers say they are concerned about reopening amid the still critical situation of the pandemic

São Paulo

Although it remains at one of the highest levels in the world, the volume of new cases and deaths by Covid-19 has stopped growing in Brazil in recent weeks.

The country has been in the stable stage in Folha's Covid-19 Acceleration Monitor since April 7, which considers the volume of contamination in the previous 30 days, with more weight for the most recent period.

This level means that the growth of new cases has stabilized, although it remains at high levels, according to the model developed by specialists from USP. Until the beginning of the month, Brazil was at an accelerated level with new contamination rapidly increasing.

Brazil has now registered 67 thousand new cases per day, considering the seven-day moving average, a volume that has been maintained since mid-March.

In the previous months, that number had been growing rapidly. On January 8, for example, there was an increase of 10,000 new cases on that day alone (considering the average of the previous six days).

The country does not carry out sufficient genetic testing or sequencing to identify exactly the reason for the explosion. Epidemiologists say that some of the causes may have been the reduction of social isolation during the holidays and the spread of the P.1 variant, first identified in Manaus.

Translated by Kiratiana Freelon

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