São Paulo Creates Network of Hospitals for Monkeypox Cases

State has already recorded 1,298 cases of the disease

The Government of São Paulo has announced a series of measures to contain the rapid spread of monkeypox.

According to data from the Department of Health, the state has recorded 1,298 cases of the disease. Two of these patients are hospitalized, and ten children and teenagers have already been infected.

Among the measures is the creation of a network of hospitals to handle the most serious patients and a network of public and private laboratories led by the Instituto Adolfo Lutz for epidemiological and genomic surveillance of the monkeypox virus.

"We have had a considerable increase in cases in Brazil in recent days. And there is a strange situation happening in Europe, in which [the outbreak] was very accelerated at first and, suddenly, it stabilized. So there is not much to predict in terms of what will happen day-to-day", said David Uip, secretary of Science, Research and Development in Health of the São Paulo government.

There is also a forecast for a network aimed at training and updating health professionals through state and municipal health surveillance.

Translated by Cassy Dias

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