COP27: Desired by Lula, 'OPEC of Rainforests' Could Be Launched under Bolsonaro

Partnership with Indonesia and the Democratic Republic of Congo will have joint positions from the three countries


Owners of the largest tropical forests in the world, Brazil, Indonesia, and the Democratic Republic of Congo intend to launch the "OPEC of rainforests".

The nickname is inspired by the strength that OPEC (Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries) has over the course of the global market and international relations.

With the alliance, countries must coordinate to adopt joint positions in negotiations regarding rainforests, such as the COPs on climate and biodiversity.

A two-page joint declaration is undergoing final adjustments and may also be published at the COP27, the UN (United Nations) climate conference, which takes place until the 18th in Egypt.

Although the idea has been publicized in international press vehicles as an articulation of the president-elect, Lula, the construction of the partnership took place over the last year, during the Bolsonaro administration, according to the MMA (Ministry of the Environment) and also according to members of the governments of both Indonesia and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Translated by Cassy Dias

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