Yanomami Health Units Have Feces, Expired Medicines, and Reused Syringes, Points Out Report

The inspection was carried out by a mission of the Ministry of Health in the area


A preliminary report made by the Ministry of Health regarding the scenario found in the Yanomami Indigenous Land shows records of expired medicines, improperly reused oral syringes, and feces scattered around the healthcare units.

The document obtained by Folha was produced after an inspection at the Dsei (Special Indigenous Sanitary District) in the territory, from January 15 to 25.

Situação precária do Polo Surucucu
Yanomami health units have expired meds and reused syringes - Reprodução

The text reports that a series of base poles (healthcare units installed in the territories) were closed due to the lack of security generated by the presence of prospectors who work in connection with drug trafficking and the military.

The government of Jair Bolsonaro is held accountable for the precarious situation of the assistance units and for not properly combating illegal mining activity in the region.

The collusion with mining activity and lack of indigenous healthcare in the Yanomami land led to a health crisis in the area, with an explosion in cases of malaria, severe malnutrition, and other diseases associated with mining activities.

The Healthcare team visited the Surucucu base pole, in Roraima, which assists 23 indigenous communities. The report shows that, due to the lack of infrastructure, the indigenous people need to build fires to keep warm, which has already resulted in burns in children.

Translated by Cassy Dias

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