Deforestation in the Amazon Falls Below 10,000 km2 for the First Time Since 2018

Official data from INPE show a drop under Lula, 22.3% from August 2022 to July 2023, compared to the previous period

São Paulo and Brasília

After four consecutive years of extremely high rates, annual deforestation in the Amazon fell below 10,000 km² for the first time. From August 2022 to July 2023, 9,001 km² of forest were lost, a reduction of 22.3% compared to the previous period. The data is from the Prodes program of INPE (National Institute for Space Research), released this Thursday (9), and is considered the official deforestation figures in the country, used in the definition of public policies. The rate breaks the pattern established during the tenure of former President Jair Bolsonaro (PL) and represents a victory for President Lula (PT), who had environmental issues as one of the focuses of his electoral platform.

foto aérea mostra áreas desmatadas sem vegetação com poucas áreas com vegetação mais alta
Deforested Atlantic Forest Area in Paraná - SOS Mata Atlântica

Marina Silva (Rede), chosen by the president to lead the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change (MMA) again, was responsible for creating the program that reduced deforestation from 27,800 km² in 2004 to the historic low of 4,600 km² in 2012. The minister stated that she faced a more complicated situation this year than in 2003 when she first took over the position. According to her, the Bolsonaro government was lenient in the region and allowed the proliferation of a series of crimes, such as illegal mining and the trafficking of weapons and drugs.

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