Relationship between Bolsonaro and India's Modi Blossoms

Countries, however, will still have to discuss aspects of the relationship for closed deals to take off


President Jair Bolsonaro and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi like each other so much that they appear to be "engaged," and on their way to a loving partnership.

On the first day of the official trip to India, on Saturday (25), Bolsonaro said he already liked the country. After three days, on Monday (27), he said he was amazed by India.

"You live in our hearts. I discovered much more in common here: loyalty, culture, the will to win", said Bolsonaro in a speech during a business forum in Delhi.

Brazil's President Jair Bolsonaro speaks during the India-Brazil Business Forum meeting in New Delhi on January 27, 2020. (Photo by Money SHARMA / AFP) - AFP

The praise goes beyond the usual blah blah blah of presidents visiting other countries. After Bolsonaro's greatest idol, the American Donald Trump, the Indian Modi is one of the leaders most aligned with the nationalist manual that guides Bolsonarism.

Both are suffer media attacks, are called racist and intolerant, and are attempting to reform their countries to please the market.

Businessmen who followed the visit closely say that the two leaders had excellent chemistry, despite the language barrier.

Eduardo Bolsonaro, who was part of the president's delegation during the trip, also sees many similarities between Bolsonaro and Modi.

"They are getting along very well; they are two notoriously nationalist people; they defend their countries, they are averse to some international forums," he said.

The Indians went out of their way to please Bolsonaro. In addition to hanging posters for Bolsonaro with the "welcome" message in Portuguese and Hindi, they also promoted their main ministers.

Translated by Kiratiana Freelon

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