Supreme Court of Brazil Reacts to US Congress Committee Report Exposing Justice

Report released reveals confidential decisions by the Supreme Court justice Alexandre de Moraes regarding the suspension or removal of profiles on social media


The release of a report containing confidential decisions by Supreme Court justice Alexandre de Moraes on the suspension or removal of profiles on social media has ignited politicians aligned with former President Jair Bolsonaro (PL) and prompted reactions from the court.

However, in the Lula (PT) government and among its allied base, the reaction has been to downplay the issue. The assessment is that the topic will not have the momentum to generate significant consequences.

São Paulo, SP, BRASIL, 11/04/2024: Justice Alexandre de Moraes. (Foto: Bruno Santos/ Folhapress)

The document, released on Wednesday night (17) by a US Congress committee, contains judicial orders sent to platforms with instructions to take down profiles and content.

According to the documents released, the orders sent are not accompanied by justification, only the decision to take a page offline. There are also no mentions of anti-democratic attacks or an investigation into a possible coup plot within the Bolsonaro government.

The STF released an official statement on Thursday (18). In the statement, the court stated that "it is not about reasoned decisions that determined the removal of content or profiles, but rather the letters sent to platforms to comply with the decision."

The Supreme Court's text also says that "all decisions made by the STF are reasoned, as required by the Constitution, and the parties, the affected individuals, have access to the reasoning."

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