Almost 7,000 Brazilians Are Still Awaiting Repatriation Abroad

Some share accommodation with tourists infected with coronavirus; Itamaraty says 8,600 have returned

São Paulo

Brazil has repatriated about 8,600 Brazilians since the coronavirus pandemic led to the closure of borders and the cancellation of flights in several countries, according to the Foreign Ministry. But nearly 7,000 have yet to make it back - 6,960, according to the ministry's survey.

In India, almost 180 tourists in 27 cities are looking for a chance to return amid the strict isolation imposed by the government. In South Africa, 400 Brazilians are still awaiting repatriation, according to data from the embassy.

The Foreign Ministry in Brasilia. (Foto: Marcelo Chello/CJPress/Folhapress) - CJPress/Folhapress

In Cuba, a group slept at the airport and is now being held in a hotel, having to pay high prices for daily rates, meals and internet use. In Portugal, some people have had their flights canceled up to three times and are paying far above the usual rates to return.

In Peru, most of those in Cusco and Lima were repatriated on commercial or FAB (Brazilian Air Force) flights. But those who were in more distant cities are still without a return date.

Last Thursday (26), a group was transferred from Arequipa to Lima and awaits information about the return to Brazil. They have been trying to reschedule their return flights since the 15th when the government closed the borders and suspended flights.

Meanwhile, they are at risk of contracting the coronavirus in foreign territory, without being able to resort to travel insurance, which does not cover health expenses in case of a pandemic. In two cities, Brazilian tourists were prevented from leaving their accommodation after a guest had the disease.

Translated by Kiratiana Freelon

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