Brazil's Increasing Covid-19 Cases worry it's Neighbors and Sparks Criticisms

'If Brazil sneezes, we get pneumonia,' said Paraguay's health surveillance director

Buenos Aires

Brazil's neighboring countries are starting to worry about how the country's growing Coronavirus cases might affect them.

This Sunday, the country registered 101,000 confirmed cases and 7,000 deaths from coronavirus.

On Twitter, Paraguay's health surveillance director, Guillermo Sequera, said that "if Brazil sneezes, we get pneumonia." The criticism was published last Friday (1st).

Sequera shared his thoughts last Friday (1st) when the local Ministry of Health indicated that, of the 67 confirmed cases of Covid-19 that day, 63 were from people who came from Brazil.

In March, the local army had already dug, at the government's request, a ditch on the main entry route to the border town of Pedro Juan Caballero.

Brazil's increasing Covid-19 cases worry it's neighbors and sparks criticisms (Xinhua/Martín Zabala)

The government hoped to make it difficult for people to enter Paraguay on foot, via Ponta Porã (MS). The vehicle border closed on March 10 when the quarantine began on March 10.

In total, Paraguay has 370 confirmed cases of Covid-19 and ten dead, according to data from the Ministry of Health, much lower than those recorded by Brazil— more than 101,000 infected and 7,025 dead as of Sunday (3).

In Argentina, the provinces of Misiones and Corrientes, to the north, are on alert. Although the border is closed to ordinary traffic, trucks with goods are allowed to transit.

Laureano Rodríguez, editor-in-chief of the newspaper Primera Edición, in the city of Posadas, capital of the province, said that "the news of the increase in the disease in Brazil alarms us because we are one of the entrance doors of the country."

Translated by Kiratiana Freelon

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