Lula Says He Condemned 'Terrorist Attacks' in Conversation with Israeli President

Brazilian president publishes 1st photo after surgery and claims to have made an 'appeal' for a humanitarian corridor in Gaza


President Lula (PT) released the first photo after undergoing hip surgery in a publication on Thursday (12) in which he reported having a phone conversation with the President of Israel, Isaac Herzog.

BRASILIA, DF , 12.10.2023 , BRASIL , President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva at the Alvorada Palace. Credito Ricardo Stuckert / PR

The leftist politician stated that he thanked for the support in the evacuation of Brazilians who were in the country, which declared war on Hamas after the terrorist faction launched an attack on Israeli territory on Saturday (7), leaving about 1,200 dead.

"I reaffirmed Brazil's condemnation of terrorist attacks and our solidarity with the victims' families. I requested from the President all possible initiatives to ensure that there is no shortage of water, electricity, and medicine in hospitals," he wrote. The leftist politician said that Brazil wants to help in the search for a path to peace. "It is not possible for the innocent to be victims of the insanity of those who want war. I conveyed my appeal for a humanitarian corridor so that people who want to leave the Gaza Strip through Egypt can do so safely," he said.

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