The First Flight of the Brazilian Air Force (FAB) with Repatriated Citizens Took off from Israel Back to Brazil

The plane departed from Tel Aviv at 2:12 PM (Brasília time) on Tuesday (10) with 211 passengers

The Brazilian Air Force had informed on Monday (9) that 900 Brazilians are expected to be repatriated in the coming days. The operation may be repeated next week if necessary. In total, over 1,700 Brazilians had requested repatriation, with the majority being tourists staying in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.

"The federal government is attentive and working to bring back all Brazilians who request it, as well as doing everything possible for the peace process in the region," wrote President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT) on the X platform, formerly known as Twitter.

TEL AVIV, ISRAEL, 10-10-2023 - Brazilians on a plane in Tel Aviv, Israel, during the flight back to Brazil this Tuesday (10th).. (Foto: Reprodução/GloboNews)

According to him, five more flights are scheduled until Sunday (15). The Brazilians boarded the KC-30 aircraft, which has a capacity of around 230 passengers. The FAB has four planes available for the Lula government's rescue efforts. Two presidential aircraft, the VC-2, with a smaller passenger capacity, were also included in the planning.

"Candidates for repatriation are being accommodated on priority lists. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs reiterates the guidance for all nationals who have airline tickets or the means to acquire them to board commercial flights from Ben-Gurion Airport, which continues to operate," says a passage from the note released by the Itamaraty. The Brazilian government is also studying ways to evacuate Brazilian citizens from Palestinian territories, particularly through Egypt, Jordan, and Lebanon. According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, there are 25 Brazilians in the Gaza Strip who have contacted the Itamaraty requesting repatriation.

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