Lula-Israel Crisis Fuels Bolsonaro Supporters

Congressional leaders dismiss impeachment advancement; Request with over 100 signatures will be the 18th led by opposition since 2023

The Lula-Israel crisis has provided ammunition to the opposition and mobilized allies of Jair Bolsonaro (PL) for a new impeachment request against the president, but leaders of congressional blocs affirm that there is zero chance of the offensive succeeding.

Lula compared Israel's offensive in Gaza to the extermination of Jews promoted by Adolf Hitler during World War II.

Bolsonaro's supporters in the Chamber of Deputies, especially the PL caucus, promise to file the 18th impeachment request against Lula since 2023 this week, with the signature of more than a hundred deputies, the second related to the Israel case.

It is up to Arthur Lira, President of the Chamber, to analyze these requests and decide whether to proceed with them or not.

So far, he has archived two of them. The rest are "under review," which is the likely fate of the requests presented regarding the Israel case.

In the event of advancement, the merit of the complaint must be analyzed by a special committee and then by the plenary of the Chamber. The votes of at least 342 out of 513 deputies are required to authorize the Senate to initiate an impeachment process.

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