'I Can't Stop Thinking about It," Says Civil Guard about Judge's Offense in Brazil

Cícero Hilário Roza Neto, 36, was called illiterate when he fined a judge without a mask in Santos

São Paulo

Cícero Hilário Roza Neto, 36, never needed to say that he is a graduate student to command respect. The diploma, he says, only helped him do his job better.

The civil guard has a degree in public security and has a postgraduate degree in educational law.

Cícero, says it was the education he received inside and outside the home that he stood firm in the face of the worst insult he had ever received. "I was called illiterate. And I heard that from a very educated person", he tells Folha.

Cícero Hilário ( Foto: Karime Xavier / Folhapress) . - Folhapress

On the afternoon of last Saturday (18), he and colleague Roberto Guilhermino, 41, fined the judge Eduardo Almeida Rocha Prado de Siqueira, 63. He was walking without a face mask on the Santos shore, on the south coast of São Paulo.

The protection item is mandatory in the city under a municipal decree, a measure to contain the advance of the new coronavirus. Those who do not wear a mask and are caught by the Municipal Civil Guard receive a R$ 100 fine.

However, Siqueira refused to use the equipment and presented himself as a judge at the São Paulo Court of Justice, a role he has held since 2008. In an attempt to intimidate, he called Sérgio Del Bel Júnior, Santos' public security secretary.

When the call ended, Siqueira took the ticket, tore the paper, threw it on the floor, and walked away.

The civil guard defends that the judge should be punished under the strictness of the law - the Court of Justice and the Internal Affairs of the CNJ (National Council of Justice) are already investigating the case.

Translated by Kiratiana Freelon

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