Army Plans to Withdraw Troops that Are Protecting the Largest Timber Seizure in the History of Brazil

In a letter sent to the Federal Police, the chief of staff of the Joint North Command announced that the military will leave the premises to return to their headquarters

São Paulo

The Army decided to withdraw troops mobilized in the largest timber seizure in the history of Brazil.

Conducted in conjunction with the Federal Police, the operation, revealed by Folha, took place in December last year and captured 130,000m³ of wood that had allegedly been extracted illegally.

Since then, groups in the Armed Forces have been protecting the seized material in at least two locations (both in Pará).

In a letter sent to the Federal police on February 19, to which the Folha had access, the chief of staff of the Joint Northern Command (of the Army) informed that the military would leave the sites to return to their headquarters. There is no explanation of the reason.

The column sent an email to the Ministry of Defense and the Army's press office, but still has not received a response.

The operation was named Handroanthus GLO, which is a combination of the scientific name of ipê, the tree most coveted by loggers in the Amazon, and the acronym of Guarantee of Law and Order, the legal framework that authorizes the use of the Armed Forces to combat environmental crimes in the Amazon.

Handroanthus GLO Operation. Foto:Polícia Federal/Divulgação - Polícia Federal/Divulgação

Translated by Kiratiana Freelon

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