Doria Dismisses Colonel Bolsonarista and Says He Doesn't Accept Disobedience in The Military Police

Commander of seven battalions had called for a September 7 protest and criticized politicians

São Paulo

The government of João Doria (PSDB-SP) dismissed a Military Police Colonel who had called for the September 7th pro-Bolsonaro demonstrations and had criticized Doria, other politicians, and the Supreme Court.

"The Military Police of the State of São Paulo informs that Colonel Aleksander Toaldo Lacerda has been removed from his duties at the head of the Police Command of Interior-7," said a notification from the São Paulo government.

"The institution's internal affairs department, which is a legal entity and has the duty and mission to defend the Constitution and the democratic values ​​of the country expressed therein, looked at the recent conduct of the officer, who was summoned to the General Command to provide clarifications," the note said.

The newspaper O Estado de S. Paulo revealed the colonel's criticisms, which represent an elevation in the perceived Bolsonarization of the country's police forces.

This is because they involve an active-duty officer, with a command position and in the MPof the most populous state. The colonel commanded about 5,000 people from seven battalions in the Sorocaba region, comprising 78 municipalities.

Doria has insisted that there has been no contamination of the São Paulo troops, but the incident triggered an alert at Palácio dos Bandeirantes.

Translated by Kiratiana Freelon

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