Bolsonaro Will Have Dinner With Conservative Luminaries During US Visit

The Brazilian president is also expected to meet with Donald Trump at the White House

São Paulo and Washington

When president Bolsonaro arrives in Washington DC on March 17th, he will be received at a sort of conservative "Last Supper" arranged by the Brazilian ambassador Sérgio Amaral. Philosophers, journalists and investors, all aligned with conservatism, were invited for the welcome dinner and are expected to influence Bolsonaro's decisions during his visit to US president Donald Trump.

The VIP guest list proposed by Foreign Minister Ernesto Araújo and diplomat Nestor Forsters includes Gerald Brant, one of Bolsonaro's first supporters among American investors and entrepreneurs and Mary Anastasia O'Grady, member of the Wall Street Journal editorial board. Writer Olavo de Carvalho and former Trump strategist Steve Bannon, both longtime Bolsonaro supporters, are also confirmed.

Gerald Brant, Eduardo Bolsonaro, Jair Bolsonaro and Shannon O'Neil, during visit at the Council of Foreign Relations in Nova York, in 2017 - Reprodução

The guests share Bolsonaro's worldview and ideology, which is something the president and his aides have been looking for since the beginning of his term. The president doesn't appreciate opposing points of view, and his team tends to dismiss anyone who doesn't agree with him.

President Bolsonaro will also sit down for an interview with the Christian Broadcast Network and meet investors and businesspeople. He is scheduled to visit the White House on the 19th, where he will have a working meeting and lunch with Donald Trump.

At least eight ministers will accompany Bolsonaro in the trip, among them Paulo Guedes (Economy) and Sergio Moro (Justice). The two will have separate schedules from the president.

It is Bolsonaro's first bilateral meeting, and his goal is to show Trump that both countries are ideologically aligned.

Translated by NATASHA MADOV

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