Army Spends US$ 1.5 Million on Unprecedented Military Exercise in the Amazon

Operation mobilized 3,600 soldiers and simulated invasion of territory by 'red army'


Last month, the Brazilian Army carried out a military exercise in the Amazon region, unprecedented in its history. It spent R$ 8.9 million (US$ 1.5 million) on the activity, which simulated a conflict in the jungle after the territory's invasion by a foreign army.

Operation Amazon took place between September 8 and 22, in the region of Manacapuru, Moura, and Novo Airão, all in the state of Amazonas. About 3,600 military personnel participated in the activity.

Detalhe de vídeo do Exército brasileiro sobre a Operação Amazônia, exercício militar realizado em setembro
Operation Amazon - Reprodução

The military exercise involved the simulation of an attack on the "blue" country's territory by the "red army," which started the conflict. When responding to a request from the newspaper O Globo, via the Access to Information Law, the Army reported that R$ 6 million was spent on the operation, with "fuel, flight hours and hiring civilian means of transportation."

Folha found that another R$ 2.9 million was spent on ammunition. Of this total, R $ 2 million refer only to ammunition costs for Astros 2020, a system of multiple missile launchers considered the Army's greatest deterrent mechanism.

In addition to the high investment and the number of military personnel involved, the use of the Astros 2020 showed the operation's grandeur.

Translated by Kiratiana Freelon

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