Brazil's Candidate for Human Rights Court Judge Faces Tough Election

Itamaraty has launched a campaign for lawyer to be elected to the continental agency, which could potentially try the government for misconduct in the pandemic

São Paulo

Brazil's foreign diplomacy sector is hoping that one of its own will be elected as a judge for the Inter-American Court of Human Right. The biggest obstacle to the election is President Jair Bolsonaro.

Analysts and diplomats interviewed by Folha estimate that resistance on the continent to the Bolsonaro government could undermine the election of lawyer Rodrigo Mudrovitsch, 35. Four vacancies will open this year. The election will take place in the second semester, but is still without a defined date.

BRASÍLIA, DF, BRASIL, - Itamaraty Palace, in Brasília (DF). (Foto: Marcelo Chello/CJPress/Folhapress) - CJPress/Folhapress

Headquartered in San José, Costa Rica, the court is composed of the inter-American human rights system, with 24 member countries. There are seven judges, who have six-year terms, with the right to a reappointment.

In the 42 years of operation of the court, Brazil has had only two magistrates, and since 2018, when Judge Roberto Caldas resigned after being accused of domestic violence, Brazil has had no representative.

Translated by Kiratiana Freelon

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