Brazil Accepts More US Deportee Flights

With an increase in detainees at the border, Itamaraty agrees to two trips a week; Americans want three


Faced with an increasing number of Brazilians detained on the US southern border, the Joe Biden government asked to triple the frequency of flights with deportees to Brazil.

The expansion of the use of chartered aircraft to return Brazilians who tried to enter the US illegally into the country was recently negotiated at meetings involving the Itamaraty, the US embassy in Brasília and the Federal Police.

When contacted, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs confirmed that the Brazilian government "has consented, on a temporary and conditional basis, to the increase in frequency to two weekly flights." The forecast is for the new frequency of flights to take place in early October.

Currently, Brazil authorizes one trip a week, and the Americans have already requested that a third be opened for the return of deportees.​

Translated by Kiratiana Freelon

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