Turmoil and Lies Mark Bolsonaro's Trip to The UN

President distorts environmental data, defends ineffective remedies against Covid and preaches to his base

In a 12-minute speech to world leaders from the pulpit of the UN General Assembly, President Jair Bolsonaro distorted data on the environment, the pandemic and the economy to describe what he called the “new Brazil with regained credibility”.

He cited a drop in deforestation in the Amazon in 12 months, but omitted the 75% advance since 2018; he spoke of the absence of corruption, even with ongoing investigations, and of growth and investment, although inflation and the energy crisis erode both.

He also claimed to have supported vaccination and the fight against coronavirus from the beginning, when in fact he imposed obstacles to both, and questioned countries — most of them — that are opposed to the use of ineffective drugs against the Covid that he tried.

The speech, despite the nod to the global audience, attacked the press, predecessors and governors, praised Christianity and named the “traditional family” a pillar of civilization. It crowns an abbreviated trip after criticism, protests and altercations.

Translated by Kiratiana Freelon

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