Lula Will Present to Biden The Idea of a 'Peace Club' for Ukraine with The Participation of China

The Brazilian president will talk about a forum, which would include China, to negotiate the end of the war


In a conversation at the White House on Friday (10), President Lula intends to present to Joe Biden a proposal for a "peace club" to negotiate a way out of the war in Ukraine.

The forum would include countries like India and China, and Lula should also propose the idea to the Chinese leader, Xi Jinping, when he goes to Beijing in March.

Lula wants to bring together a group of countries that, in the view of the Brazilian government, are not directly involved in the war to discuss a long-term perspective and a possible solution to the conflict.

China, in the Lula government's view, would be among those countries, even though it has not condemned Russia's aggression against Ukraine and has chosen to abstain from the UN Security Council resolutions that condemned Moscow.

Translated by Cassy Dias

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