Brazil Hits Record Proportion of Women and Black Candidates

Partial balance shows 49.3% of black applicants and 49.1% of white ones; women are 33.4%

Brazil is expected to have a record proportion of black and women candidates in a federal election. According to partial data from the TSE (Superior Electoral Court), of the 26,398 registered candidacies, 49.3% are from black people and 49.1% from white people. The percentage of women in the dispute totals 33.4%, so far.

The change in the profile of candidates has occurred in the wake of rules that seek to encourage the political participation of the black population and women, as well as improve the representation of these social groups in spaces of power.

In 2018, applications from black people represented 46.7% of the total, compared to 52.2% from white people. In the previous edition, 44.2% were black and 55% white.

Regarding the diversity of gender, the highest percentage of women until then had been registered in 2018, with 31.8%. Now, according to partial records, it is up to 33.4%.

Translated by Cassy Dias

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