Olimpiada Rio 2016

Latest News

  1. 06/08/2016 Russian and Argentine Delegations Receive Cold Welcome from Crowd During Parade of Nations
  2. 06/08/2016 Opening of Rio-2016 Is Praised by International Press; See the Reaction
  3. 06/08/2016 Mangueira Slum Has ' V.I.P Area' with Funk and Barbecue During Opening
  4. 06/08/2016 Opening of the Games Embraces Causes of Refugees and Sustainability
  5. 06/08/2016 TV and Theatre Directors Praise to Artful Opening Ceremony
  6. 05/08/2016 Olympic Boulevard Brings Together Tourists and Locals to Watch Rio 2016 Opening Ceremony
  7. 05/08/2016 Hours Before Olympics Opening Ceremony, Protest Against Temer Blocks Avenue in Rio
  8. 05/08/2016 Pelé Says He Won't Be Participating in Rio-2016 Opening Due to Physical Condition
  9. 05/08/2016 Security Setup Doesn't Prevent Shootouts on Delegation Expressways
  10. 05/08/2016 On the Eve of the Opening, IOC President Says That 'It's Not an Easy Moment'
  11. 05/08/2016 Opinion: From Total Confidence To Sudden Doubts: Follow the Trajectory of Brazil's Olympic Football Hopes
  12. 05/08/2016 Brazil Opens Record-Breaking Olympics in Midst of Worst Recession in Decades
  13. 05/08/2016 Olympic Games: New Federal Police Measures Involve Helicopters and Balloons
  14. 04/08/2016 Brazil Women's Soccer Team Opens Games in Festive Atmosphere
  15. 04/08/2016 Brazilian National Soccer Team Begins Its Easiest Way to Win Gold for the First Time
  16. 04/08/2016 10-Year Old Injured by Rubber Bullet During Olympic Torch Parade in Rio
  17. 04/08/2016 Olympic Games' Organisers Mobilised to Stifle Booing of Temer During Opening Ceremony
  18. 03/08/2016 Brazil Pins Hopes on Neymar to Win Elusive Olympic Football Gold
  19. 03/08/2016 Athletes Stuff Themselves on Free McDonald's Inside the Olympic Village
  20. 03/08/2016 Opening Ceremony Rehearsal Has 'Gotchas'; Scene with Robbery of Model Likely Removed
  21. 03/08/2016 Women's Football Kicks Off Rio 2016, Two Days Before the Official Start of the Games
  22. 03/08/2016 A Last Minute Olympic Hitch Will Cost the Brazilian Government R$ 78 Million
  23. 02/08/2016 Empty, New Metro Line to Olympic Park Is a Little Slower Than Promised
  24. 02/08/2016 Brazil to Receive Passenger Lists 72 Hours in Advance During Olympics
  25. 02/08/2016 Required By Law, Lifeguard Turns Into Privileged Spectator in Rio Swimming Pools
  26. 02/08/2016 Nadal Looks in Shape for Second Medal Attempt
  27. 01/08/2016 IOC Agrees to Advance Resources to the Rio-2016 Organizing Committee
  28. 01/08/2016 Australian Delegation Is Robbed; Athletes Receive Security Orientation
  29. 01/08/2016 After Practice, Crewmen Praise Rodrigo de Freitas Lagoon and Don't Complain About the Water
  30. 01/08/2016 Mayor of Rio Says Perception of Olympics Will Only Change with Time